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Transfer pricing

In an increasingly global business environment, more companies are establishing a presence in markets outside Sweden. This brings with it a growing number of cross-border intra-group transactions, raising transfer pricing issues. Thanks to our extensive experience of all aspects of transfer pricing, combined with our ability to see the big picture from a business as well as a tax viewpoint, Skeppsbron Skatt can offer comprehensive practicable advice on restructuring, IP deals, tax disputes, Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) and Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAPs), transfer pricing policies and documentation.

We serve customers in most sectors, including manufacturing, finance, retail, IT, food, commodities, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

In addition, our international network – Taxand – enables us to offer swift and independent local advice of the highest quality wherever in the world our customers operate.

Taxand Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2024
The latest edition of the Taxand Global Transfer Pricing Guide is an essential tool for any multinational organization looking to create efficiency in their strategic management of transfer pricing issues. Through the guide, you can take part in global insights but also local advice from our Swedish team:

Transfer Pricing_Sweden

Download the complete Taxand Transfer Pricing Guide>
(Link to Taxand’s website)

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Mikael Jacobsen
Senior Partner, Transfer Pricing
Ingrid Faxing
Partner, Transfer Pricing