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Tax disputes

Skeppsbron Skatt’s tax disputes group includes many of the country’s most experienced tax litigators. The group’s dispute specialists have experience of working at tax courts and the Swedish Tax Agency. We work as a team with other tax professionals at Skeppsbron Skatt on the basis of the specialist competencies that the engagement requires.

We act for companies and individuals in cases before the tax courts, and in tax matters in relation to the Tax Agency and the Council for Advance Tax Rulings.

We also work to avoid tax disputes by communicating with the Tax Agency, preparing income tax returns and drafting open disclosures.

We help you in your tax disputes by acting as counsel, drafting appeals and other statements, seeking grace periods for payment of taxes, drawing up litigation strategies, analysing evidential requirements (oral testimony, expert opinions and documentation), act in preliminary and main hearings, and also draft applications for permission to appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court. We also assist you with open disclosures in income tax returns, queries received from the Tax Agency, applications for advance tax rulings and for expert tax status, dialogue procedures with the Tax Agency, second opinions on disputes in progress, advice on the liability of company directors and officers for taxes, and assistance in disputes.