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Income tax

Our group in income tax compromises some of Sweden´s most experienced tax advisors. We offer tax advice based on the highest competence, innovative thinking and sector knowledge.

Against the backdrop of an ever-changing and complex tax environment, our advice will give you greater control, which will ensure a sustainable tax position for your business.

Among the services we advise on topics such as financing, the tax deductibility of interest expenses, planning of tax-efficient repatriation of profits, restructuring and impact analyses in conjunction with new tax regulations.

In addition, we offer are day-to-day tax advice, advice on closing of accounts, preparation and scrutiny of tax computations, and of income tax returns, reporting of taxes and charges, and planning of intra-group tax adjustments. We use online tools to ensure your regulatory compliance.

For interim and full-year financial statements, we ensure efficient tax calculation and profit planning with the help of our tax calculation tool.

Read more about Skeppsbron Skatt's tax calculation tool.