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Global Mobility Services

Working across national borders often involves tax issues for employers and employees alike. A well thought-out strategy on international aspects of human resources can reduce the risk of tax surcharges, international double taxation, as well as the overall tax cost.

Global Mobility Services is the name of our offering in the field of individual taxation – domestic as well as cross-border – and secondments to and from Sweden. Our advisers in this field have many years’ experience of issues concerning personnel working internationally, such as tax, compensation package, benefits, incentive plans and pensions. In addition, we offer specific expertise on social security affiliation and contributions for employees working cross-border.

Our team also have extensive experience of working with commuters in the Öresund region.

We put together teams of specialists in the fields required for a given engagement. We provide tailored advice on tax issues of all kinds. We have high delivery capacity and our services are of the highest quality. Working with Taxand – our global network – we offer advice relating to professionals working in the international sphere.

Product sheet Global Mobility Services

Anders Lagerholm
Partner, Global Mobility Services
Pernilla van der Capellen
Partner, Global Mobility Services