Skeppsbron Skatt can advise you on all aspects of tax and compliance. This includes preparing and reviewing returns for taxes of all kinds (income tax, VAT, excise duties, property tax, etc.).

We have substantial experience of compliance, and employ efficient working methods.

To facilitate and rationalise the process, we have created a “Tax Management Platform” (TMP), which features a number of applications making compliance easier to manage and ensuring that everything is correctly documented:

  • App for VAT returns, e.g. for VAT registration in different countries, or shared service centres – VAT Reporting Tool (“VRT”)
  • App for income tax returns – Corporate Income Tax Reporting Tool (“CIT-RT”)
  • App for Premises, Investments and Simulations (Applikation för Lokaler, Investeringar och Simuleringar (“ALIS”); facilitates the VAT adjustment process and voluntary VAT liability (including adjustment computation and simulation of VAT compensation for VAT-exempt letting)
  • App for property tax assessment (“FASTAX”)