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Value added tax

Skeppsbron Skatt’s VAT group includes some of Sweden’s pre-eminent and most experienced VAT advisers. When needed, we work in teams incorporating the expertise required by the assignment.

Our customers are enterprises of all kinds that are in need of help and advice on VAT nationally and internationally – large and small. Our customers include property management companies, construction companies, banks and finance companies, trading companies, service providers, institutions, organisations, the Swedish state and municipalities.

We supply web tools to facilitate VAT administration for enterprises that have voluntarily registered for VAT, and an adjustment app called ALIS – Applikation för Lokaler, Investeringar och Simuleringar (“Application for Premises, Investments and Simulations”), as well as day-to-day VAT compliance (VRT – VAT Reporting Tool).

Doing business in Sweden?
Together with Aspia, Sweden's leading partner for business-related services, we have recorded two films with practical information that can be helpful for foreign companies doing business in Sweden. The films are 15 minutes long and we highlight all the issues that may arise during business in Sweden.

In this film we are focusing on issues related to corporate taxation and VAT

Join our VAT groups
Skeppsbron Skatt runs dedicated groups for real estate companies (the real estate group) and trading companies (the distributive trade-group). As a member of these groups, you subscribe to a tailored newsletter, and two people from your company will also be invited to attend seminars at which we address current VAT issues in the real estate and distributive trades sectors.