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Sustainable Tax

Tax and sustainability are both subject to growing regulation. As a result, it is essential to ensure that the tax governance and management is in line with current legislation. In addition, both the EU Taxonomy and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (an international independent standardization organization), have now placed tax issues higher on the sustainability agenda.

Nowadays, large multinational corporate groups are expected to communicate their approach to strategic tax issues, and how they allocate profits and taxes paid in the global market.

In cooperation with Ethos International, a management consultancy specialised in sustainability, we are now launching Sustainable Tax, a one-stop shop for sustainability, tax and financial reporting.

Tax is a key communication area for Swedish and international corporate groups. It is also important that tax is treated fairly and that corporations contribute to the society e.g., through taxes paid. The tax treatment must be correct and transparent, and companies must ensure they have a good relationship with tax authorities and other agencies.

Many large corporations choose to communicate these topics to the public and investors by making their tax policies available on their websites etc. We have also seen that company groups carry out sustainability-driven restructurings, and e.g., transfer their production lines from Asia to Europe to reduce transport costs, emissions, and to ensure good working conditions. Restructurings of this kind give rise to numerous tax implications that need to be managed. Our tax experts can assist with correct analysis and management of the restructuring process.

Sustainable Tax - for whom?
Our new business area and service offering are directed to all company groups that want to elevate their tax management to the next level and make sure it is in line with various sustainability standards. Potential recipients of our service offering are:

  • Enterprises reporting on sustainability matters and that have chosen to include tax in their sustainability report, or are covered by forthcoming EU legislation
  • Enterprises wishing to ensure they reach the minimum level under the OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct in relation to tax and other sustainability standards
  • Enterprises wishing restructure their business for sustainability reasons
  • Enterprises wishing to explore sustainable financing solutions

Ethos – our partner
Ethos International is a management consultancy specialised in sustainability. We joined forces with Ethos in spring 2022, a collaboration that also includes accounting specialists at Aspia.

Together, we are able to offer a comprehensive service combining sustainability, tax and financial reporting.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.