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Small and medium sized enterprises

Skeppsbron Skatt's SME group with experienced tax specialists helps small and medium-sized companies in all industries - whether you have business locally or globally.

We help you with ongoing tax advice regarding income tax and VAT and the special tax rules that apply to small business companies and their owners.

We work in teams based on the specialist skills that each assignment requires. The purpose of our consultancy is to create long-term values ​​and ensure a sustainable tax situation for your company.

Our experts focusing on personal and income taxation helps, among other things, in the following issues:

  • Restructuring
  • Rules for closely held companies
  • Compliance / tax return
  • Generational change
  • Personal & income taxation
  • Transactions
  • Tax disputes
  • Civil law agreements


With correct advice and efficient digital work methods, you can feel assured that you are paying the right VAT - neither more nor less.

Our VAT experts helps with all VAT issues in all types of companies, for example.

  • The real estate and construction industry
  • International trade
  • The right to deduction for mixed-activity companies
  • Correct accounting date
  • Cars (leasing, purchasing and operating costs)
  • Expenses, invoicing

You can also get help with questions regarding

  • Customs
  • Excise duty


Visit Aspia's blog where we share VAT and tax news for small business owners.
Here you will find up-to-date information regarding accounting and salary.

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