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Private Client Services

In a world that is becoming more and more internationalized, cross-border movement by individuals, so called global citizens, with associated businesses and capital, has become much more frequent. The very same trend has also led to tax regulations becoming more and more complex. Increased transparency, in the terms of information exchange between countries, together with closer monitoring from financial institutions, places a burden on you as an individual to report correctly to authorities in different jurisdictions.

Therefore, professional legal advice is, in many cases, a necessity to comply with the relevant rules and reporting obligations. Furthermore, it is clear that individuals and families with privately owned companies and wealth have clear financial incentives to receive professional tax advice.

Skeppsbron Skatt has a talented team of tax lawyers with long experience of tax advice to so-called High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), with ties to Sweden. We advocate to apply a holistic approach to your, your family’s, or your company’s unique situation, and that a strategy is formed according to your specific goals and purposes.

Skeppsbron Skatt is part of Taxand, the world’s largest network of independent tax advisors. Therefore, in cooperation with our Taxand partner-firms, we can offer professional tax advice in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Within our service area “Private Client Services”, we offer, inter alia, tax advice on:

  • Exit abroad
  • Residing abroad
  • Relocation to Sweden
  • Compliance
  • Taxation of trusts and foundations
  • Foreign pensions
  • Succession
  • Capital Tax
  • Legal Advice
  • Transfer of assets within and outside of family
  • Real Property
  • Sale or restructuring of Business
  • Voluntarily correction of Income Tax Return
  • Application for Binding Ruling
  • Tax Litigation
Pernilla van der Capellen
Partner, Global Mobility Services, Private Client Services
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Partner, Global Mobility Services