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Owner-managed businesses /growth companies

Our growth company group includes some of Sweden’s most experienced tax advisers.

We are dedicated specialists in the field of corporate income tax and VAT, which encompasses Swedish and international corporate taxation and the special tax regulations governing closely-held companies and their owners. We work in teams based on the specialist competencies that each engagement demands.

The aim of our advice is to create long-term value, and ensure your business has a sustainable tax position. Our customers operate in all sectors, and occupy a broad spectrum, from start-ups to companies listed on stock exchanges such as Aktietorget, First North or OMX Stockholm Small Cap.

We provide you with day-to-day tax advice on income tax and VAT, tax rules for closely-held companies, implementation of incentive schemes, and structuring issues from a corporate as well as an owner viewpoint. We also advise our customers in conjunction with IPOs and establishment overseas. We advise customers on financing and refinancing, assessment of the tax deductibility of interest expenses, and business inheritance.