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Occupational pension

The vast majority of employers provide occupational pensions to their employees. In the case of collective agreements, it is always mandatory. Occupational pensions are often a significant part of the employer's staff costs, but also an increasingly important advantage in the competition for skills.

The pension is perceived by many employers as cumbersome and complicated. This is partly due to the fact that people work with the issue quite rarely, but also because the occupational pension is regulated by so many different regulations. There are e.g. tax and accounting issues, detailed rules in various collective agreements, different ways of securing occupational pensions and the terms of insurance companies. Sometimes there is also a risk of conflicts of interest between advisers and employers.

When working across national borders, it becomes even more complicated, as all these regulations differ greatly between different countries.

Skeppsbron Skatts Pensionsgrupp is your competence support in almost all issues concerning occupational pensions. We assist in designing a pension strategy that helps you to attract and retain the right skills, but also to communicate and document the strategy in a pension policy. We also assist you with all possible practical questions such as. tax deductability, special payroll tax, pension agreements and accounting for direct pensions.

If something has gone wrong, we analyze what has happened, assist with correction and document routines so that everything is handled correctly in the future.

Since we do not mediate insurance, we are fully independent and are completely objective in all matters.

Together with our international network Taxand, we offer advice of the highest quality wherever in the world our customers are established.

Below is a selection of the services that Skeppsbron Skatt's pension group can offer:

  • Design of occupational pension plan
  • Facilitate discussion on pension strategy
  • Evaluate existing occupational pension
  • Tax and accounting analysis of occupational pension
  • Description of pension commitments in the annual report
  • International occupational pensions
  • Ensure that the pension administration complies with applicable laws and agreements
  • Due Diligence pension issues