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Incentive programs

Incentive programs are common and come in many different forms. They are primarily aimed at senior executives, board members and other key personnel in the company, but can also target all employees in a company. They can be designed with requirements for own investment and risk and / or with qualification and performance requirements.

They can be local or global. They can be part of a larger compensation policy or be completely decoupled etc. The purpose is primarily to motivate, retain and reward qualified personnel in the company by giving them the opportunity to take part in its growth and value increase, without necessarily becoming part-owner.

Skeppsbron Skatt's incentive group offers full service in terms of design, implementation and analysis of incentive programs. A well-thought-out strategy regarding the company's incentive program can contribute to the company's profitability and growth as well as increase employee participation and motivation. The work is done in teams based on the specialist skills that the assignments require. We deliver customized advice on all types of issues with the highest quality and high delivery capacity.

Together with our international network Taxand, we offer advice of the highest quality anywhere in the world our customers are established. Below you find a selection of services that Skeppsbron Skatt's incentive group offer:

  • Development of documentation for design and decisions
  • Assist in the implementation of incentive programs
  • Valuation of the company and selected instrument
  • Tax and accounting analysis
  • Establishing information for relevant functions within the company and employees
  • Analysis of existing program
  • International inquiries
  • Follow-up of incentive programs
  • Project management

What actions does a company that want to implement an incentive program have to take? What is required in order to participate?

Skeppsbron Skatt presents a series of episodes where we elaborate on what assistance that may be needed in an incentive program’s different phases – Both for the employer and for the employees.

In the first episode, Björn Johansson elaborates on the so-called design phase.

In episode 2, Alina Lundberg describes what you need to consider during the implementation phase

In episode 3, Daniel Elander talks about the vesting period and questions that may arise for companies and participants during this phase.

In episode 4, Klarabärta Näsholm will guide you through the end of the incentive program and the questions that may arise in connection with the value/compensation from the program being distributed/distributed to the participants.

In the fifth and final film to be published during April, Fredrik Ekstedt ties the bag together and looks back at all the different parts of setting up an incentive program, from design to

If you have any questions regarding the incentive program and the various parts, you are most welcome to contact Skeppsbron Skatts Incentive group.

Björn Johansson
Senior Partner, Incentive Programs