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Excise duties

Excise duties cover a broad range of selective taxes – from alcohol tax to energy taxes and chemicals tax. Whatever the excise duty involved, Skeppsbron Skatt advises enterprises and organisations on issues of all kinds in this field. As always, we work in teams based on the specialist expertise that each engagement demands.

Our advice covers questions of all kinds you face as a taxpayer. We therefore advise you on whether there is any liability to pay excise duty, who is liable, when the duty or tax is to be paid and the amounts involved. In addition, we help customers to register under the deferral procedure (energy taxes, tobacco taxes and alcohol taxes).Where necessary, we also regularly assist our customers with various forms of compliance (preparation of excise duty returns, etc.).

Since our expertise also extends to customs and VAT, we are able to advise you on all taxes levied on imports, for example. This is something we know our customers appreciate.