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Company tax calculation and tax return

Skeppsbron Skatt assists with advice in connection with the preparation of company tax calculations and tax returns. We have substantial experience and assist many large companies and corporate groups with qualified tax advice.

Below you find examples of areas where we can assist:

  • Prepare or review the tax calculation prior to the financial statements
  • Prepare or review the company's income tax return
  • Group tax planning via group contributions
  • Calculation of interest deductions and group equalization of positive and negative net interest
  • Analysis of the tax consequences of, for example, certain transactions, specific income/expense items and the handling of tax losses carried forward subject to restrictions
  • Calculation of the basis for special payroll tax on pension costs
  • Recommend and prepare disclosures in the tax return to avoid tax surcharges
  • Assist in respect of inquiries from the Swedish Tax Agency

Our tax calculation tool is very useful for calculating taxes, deductible interest (according to the general interest limitation rules) as well as  for planning group contributions and interest offsets. We offer the tool free of charge within the framework of our regular advice.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions in connection with the preparation of your company’s tax calculation and income tax return.