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Banking, finance and insurance

Our banking, finance and insurance group comprises some of Sweden’s most experienced tax advisers.

We have dedicated professionals specialised in income tax, withholding tax, yield tax on pension policies and VAT in national and international contexts. We work in teams based on the specialist competencies that each engagement demands. We work with other sector specialists belonging to the Taxand international network.

The financial sector faces major changes and complex tax issues in light of regulatory developments and increased reporting requirements. The aim of our advice is to create long-term value and ensure our customers have a sustainable tax position.

Our customers include banks, insurance companies, asset managers and funds.

Our services include tax evaluations of national and international transactions, restructuring, structuring and assessment of financial products, structuring and assessment of funds of various kinds, optimisation of withholding tax costs, transfer pricing, review of tax reporting, recovery of Swedish and foreign withholding tax on dividends, credit of foreign tax and FATCA projects, establishment of sustainable tax deduction (pro rata) models, etc.