Distributive trades

Skeppsbron Skatt runs a dedicated group for companies in the distributive trades sector. The aim of this group is to work with members to communicate tailored information about VAT of particular relevance to the sector.


Group members receive newsletters and are invited to attend a seminar once a year.


The seminar consists of two parts – a news session, where we present and comment on news relevant to the distributive trades sector, such as recent legislation, Tax Agency position statements, precedents from the Swedish courts and the ECJ, etc., and also a workshop, where we delve into one or two topics of particular interest to businesses operating in the distributive trades sector.


The workshop need not necessarily address “red-hot” topics; it may cover general VAT issues that we consider may pose problems for companies in the sector. Another aim of the seminars is to give members an opportunity to share their experience on a given topic, and to discuss the various difficulties that may arise in their day-to-day work.


Our newsletters cover developments in the distributive trades sector over the previous six months. This news thus covers roughly the topics addressed in the news sections of our seminars.


Membership of the distributive trades group costs SEK 5,000 a year (excluding VAT) per company. The fee entitles two people per company or group of companies to attend our seminar and allows the company to receive and freely distribute our newsletters within the group of companies to which it belongs.

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