About us

Skeppsbron Skatt is the leading independent full service tax adviser in Sweden, representing a unique alternative to the tax advice provided by accounting firms and lawyers. We are committed to providing clear and practical tax advice of the very highest quality to customers in all sectors.

Our business concept

Our business concept is to provide the best tax advice on the market in our core competences. We strive to always give our customers concrete and practical advice and assume responsibility for ensuring that the advice is implemented in the best way. Our advisers assure the quality of our advice by adhering strictly to our carefully formulated quality policy.


Our values

Skeppsbron Skatt’s values are expressed as a true partnership

  • In our relationships with customers
  • In our relationships in engagements
  • In our relationships with co-workers

The cornerstones on which our values rest are our strong brand, we always show respect and maintain a high degree of integrity, together with our ability to create added value for our customers.

Our people

Many of our advisers have long and extensive consulting experience and are among the foremost experts in Sweden in the fields of Swedish and international corporate taxation and VAT.

Our academic alliance

We have close ties to the academic world, primarily thanks to our alliance with, and sponsorship of, the Centre for Tax Law (Centrum för Skatterätt) at Uppsala University. We are also involved in the teaching of tax law at several universities and other higher education institutions, and several of our advisers are also doctoral students at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics.