What to consider when implementing an incentive program - Episode 1, The design phase

We recognize a continuous interest from companies that want to reward their employees by offering participation in various types of incentive programs.

An incentive program is a complement for companies that want to reward their employees with something additional to regular salary, benefits and cash bonuses. Through an incentive program, the employees get an opportunity to obtain e.g. shares, options or cash.

Any consideration paid from an incentive program is usually linked to continuous employment during a certain vesting period. It may also be conditional upon various performance criteria being met. Furthermore, it may be necessary for the individual to make a private investment to participate.

A few examples of different types of instruments that may be offered through an incentive program are:

  • Shares
  • Warrants (Sw. “teckningsoptioner”)
  • Employee stock options (Sw. “personaloptioner”)
  • Qualified employee stock options (Sw. “kvalificerade personaloptioner”)
  • Synthetic options


The process of setting up an incentive program generally runs over several years – from the point of the company’s first discussions about setting up a program until vesting and end of the program, where the participants receive their consideration.

What actions does a company that want to implement an incentive program have to take? What is required of those who wishes to participate?

Skeppsbron Skatt presents a series of 5 episodes where we elaborate on what assistance that may be needed in an incentive program’s different phases – Both for the employer and for the employees.

In the first episode, Björn Johansson elaborates on the so-called design phase.



In episode 2, which is published in early November Alina Lundberg describes what you need to consider during the implementation phase.

The remaining films will then be published over time.

– Episode 3, vesting period

– Episode 4, end of program

– Episode 5, summary

If you have any questions regarding the incentive program and the various parts, you are most welcome to contact Skeppsbron Skatts Incentive group.

Björn Johansson
Senior Partner, Incentive Programs
Alina Lundberg
Parental leave, Incentive Programs